Our Services & Tools

We are in a unique position to offer a range of tools & services supported by leading New Zealand research.

The tools we offer our clients are the tools we use ourselves.  As graduate recruiters running fully outsourced solutions, we ensure you optimise the use of our tools and services to get the best results.

Our extensive range of products and services is designed to support every step of the attraction, selection and development stages of your early talent programme.

In addition, our tools can be extended for use beyond graduate programmes to experienced hire recruitment as well.

The Talent Solutions team don’t just sell you a tool, they take a personal interest in your business and the results you want to achieve to ensure they are delivered.

Paula Henriques - T&G Global

Outsourced Services

Talent Solutions offers a range of outsourced services from the building of your attraction strategy, executing on-campus and digital marketing, through to full design and management of your selection process.  These services are perfect for organisations that do not have a dedicated resource for graduate and internship programme delivery.

Partial outsourced services are also available, where an organisation has some resource to support the programme, but want to draw on our expertise to design and co-ordinate delivery.

Our Tools

We select the tools we work with based on the following critical factors:

  • Customisation – can we adapt the tool to different needs?
  • User-friendly – is it easy to use?
  • Stable and secure – providing a great user experience and confidentiality.
  • Easy to report from – data is power in recruitment and you need to be able to access it in real-time.
  • Great look and feel – is it fun and engaging to use?
Our Current Partners Include:

Vieple Video Interview Software

Video interview is fast replacing phone screening as a much more effective and efficient way of evaluating a candidate’s communication skills.  Video interviewing is convenient for candidates and reviewers and enables fair, robust and consistent evaluations.

We love how customisable the Vieple system is to enable employers to offer candidates a unique and engaging candidate experience.  We also love the reporting functionality with one-click download of all data.  Vieple is already integrated in the Campaign™ candidate management system.

“Vieple video interviewing helped us to cut our screening time in half.”

Mandy McAlwee
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Campaign™ Candidate Management System

The Campaign™ applicant management system provides an efficient, professional and secure method of managing applications.

The Campaign™ system enables customised communication with candidates throughout the process, the ability to create a bespoke selection process with unlimited stages and also provides real-time reporting with the ability to view a range of charts at the click of a button.

The Campaign™ system is integrated with the Vieple video interview software and Testgrid psychometric testing to enable seamless management of candidates across these selection tools.

Testgrid Psychometric Testing Solutions

Testgrid offer an extensive range of psychometric tools to fit every type of job role and organisation.  Supported by a team of Organisational Psychologists, the Testgrid tools can be developed around your organisation’s critical competency framework delivering tailoured solutions that are meaningful and predictive of success.

The Testgrid suite of tools also has a broad set of norm groups to compare your test results to, which are graduate specific.  We also have a New Zealand International norm group set to offer organisations that recruit candidate for whom English is not their first language.


Modlettes is a fun and engaging, customisable e-learning platform which enables you to share your content in a format that is easy for you and the end user. If you have content you want to share with 3 to 500 people, Modlettes is perfect for you, with usability across all platforms and optimised for mobile learning.

Modlettes offers six design modes including video, slide deck, text and quizzes to create engaging content. Clients have used this system for inductions and learning and development programmes. Reporting through a dashboard lets you know what content has been viewed by whom and every plan has access to all the features.