A lifetime fascination with people at work led AJ into a love of organisational psychology at an early age. 16 years in the UK has given AJ the opportunity to hone her skills and specialise within assessment for selection and development.

Working with clients to understand their organisation, gives AJ a foundation to design bespoke and immersive assessment and development exercises. Her expertise lies in the creation of situational, competency and strengths-based assessments that give candidates the opportunity to experience the challenges of the role and organisation they are applying to, as well as fully assess candidates’ ability and potential to succeed. Best practice principles underpin all of AJ’s work to maximise objectivity and consistency.

Aside from assessment centre exercises AJ enjoys designing competency frameworks, pre-selection or ‘match me’ tools, situational judgement tests and working on development programmes.

Graduate assessment has made up a large part of AJ’s career with experience of recruiting graduates across many sectors including government, FMCG, engineering, energy, retail, finance and aeronautical.

AJ’s Skills

Bespoke Assessment Design 100%
Best Practice In Assessment 100%
Graduate Recruitment 100%